Sharnell Onaga
September 6, 1968 - April 3, 2007


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Remember to let that person know you love them every single day for you never know what tomorrow brings. All and everyone is worth of our highest GRACE. After the friendship of GOD, A  FRIENDS affections is the greatest treasure here below. I pray I am that friend (MOM and my Family) you can always count on. A FRIEND is a single soul dwelling in TWO BODIES, so is your FAMILY....

- Sharnell Onaga


For my Amazing Mom

... you Deserve to have the spotlight Shine on you


Time after time, Mom, you are the one who proclaims
your pride in me, but today it's my turn to talk
of pride and place the spotlight on you — for the
life you've lived and the example you've been to me.
No matter the situations life has dealt, you've handled
them with honor and grace. You are a woman of
countless abilities. I've looked up to you all my life;
growing up, I assumed you could do most anything.
The pride I have in you goes beyond all the things
you have done. I'm proud of the person you've
always been - kind, caring, dependable, and wise.
So I am the one who is bragging today because
I have a mom who makes me so proud!



When I look at you Mother,

I see Love and so much more

When I look at you ,I see my life through your eyes. I see the strength you always offer me, the comfort you continuously show me the support you provide me, and the magnitude of the love that you unselfishly share.

I see the tears you shed when I cry, the laughter you share when I laugh, the Hope you have for me and the when I feel disillusioned, and the Faith you have in me when I face life's challenges.

I see the many sacrifices you have made and continue to make for me, the inspiration you are to me when I need direction, the devotion you show to me as a parent, and the encouragement you give to me when I need a friend.

When I look at you, Mother and see my life through your eyes, I feel Very loved, fortunate, and very blessed. Thank you for being all that you are to me, for being the best, And for being more than a Mother can be.....we love you with all our heart and soul.

                        HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

                         GOD BLESS YOU


Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day... Oh yes, Motherhood.... how special.  It's an act of love that's never ending.  Sharnell, we will always celebrate you and the Special Mother you are, and always will be!

Our arms are around you every single day and we can feel your arms around us.  On this Mother's Day we want you to know that your girls are doing just great and are so beautiful.  Everyone gives them so much love and they are so very cherished.

Happy Mother's Day and put your heart at rest, knowing that your girls are doing fine.

Our love... God bless you and may He put his arms around you every single day and let you know that we all love and miss a great Mother like you....

Here's celebrating you and the very special Mother you are...

I Love You Mommy

To Our Very Special Mommy

It's always fun when it's just us girls, 'cause it's the best time ever with a special Mom like you!  That's why we love you and the neat things we do whenever we're together!!!

We can see us someday doing neat things again! Happy Mother's Day.... our Precious Mommy. We love you and miss you very much!

Your treasures.... Kaila, Rachel & Sarah

P.S. With all our love we always give thanks to God for you!  Mom, you have been such a blessing to us... and on Mother's Day we want you to know how much we love you for welcoming Christ into our home and how deeply we thank him for giving us such a wonderful, caring, and loving Mother like you.


My Dear Daughter Sharnell ~ 

My Pillar of the world is HOPE...

To you Sharnell, MY CHERISHED CHILD, you're never forgotten. You're always in my thoughts. You're precious and so loved.  Your sweet and gentle ways; I'll cherish forever with everlasting LOVE.

In honor of you, my precious Child, you will never be forgotten. As beautiful as your heart is you are unforgettable, and will always be cherished in my HEART & SOUL...

The Children are doing great, and are so very smart  in their own unique way. Thank you for the 3 jewels you left us.

Happy Mother's Day. May God bless you forever!

With love,

I love and miss you a whole lot!


Moms and Dads Make Everything Better

You’ve had a bad day
Or a terrible night,
And you don’t have the strength
To stand up and fight
You want to give up
Life is awful, all right
But who really cares?
It’s your Mom and Dad…always there.

Your heart just got broken
You’re feeling alone,
With more angst and sadness
Than you’ve ever known
So you take a deep breath
And pick up the phone
Who’s always there?
It’s your Mom and Dad…

You’re so overwhelmed
There’s just too much to do
It feels like the whole world
Is leaning on you
You can’t even imagine
How you’ll ever make it through
Who’s by your side?
It’s your Mom and Dad…on your side.

You’re upset and confused
Big decisions to make
Which path to pursue?
Which chances to take?
Would it be a smart move
or an awful mistake?
Who’ll be your guide?
It’s your Mom and Dad…always there.

Yes, all through your life,
Whatever you need
To make you feel better
or help you succeed.
Some advice or a hug
Or a kind, thoughtful deed
It’s always 
One hundred percent guaranteed
Who loves you the most?
It’s your Mom and Dad…on your side.













If ...

If God had a candy bar,
He’d give you half – 
If you told a joke,
He’d surely laugh…

If God had a scrapbook,
You’d be in it – 
If He held a raffle,
He’d let you win it…

May the same God,
Who sent His only Son
Send you blessings,
Filled with Mother’s Day fun.

"Save a Life"

in Sharnell Onaga's memory, please support

The Hawaii Bone Marrow Donor Registry
The Hawaii Cancer Society
The Hawaii Blood Bank


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