Remember to let that person know you love them every single day for you never know what tomorrow brings. All and everyone is worth of our highest GRACE. After the friendship of GOD, A  FRIENDS affections is the greatest treasure here below. I pray I am that friend (MOM and my Family) you can always count on. A FRIEND is a single soul dwelling in TWO BODIES, so is your FAMILY....

- Sharnell Onaga


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Sharnell Onaga
September 6, 1968 ~ April 3, 2007

A year has gone by so swiftly it seems.
We keep telling ourselves has this been a dream?
We thank God each day for the time that we've shared.
You're always in our hearts, in our thoughts and prayers.
If we could build a stairway to heaven, we'll all walk there today
and bring you home forever and cherish each day.

We Love & Miss You!

Mom Marilyn Moura & Family
Husband Clifton Onaga, Daughters & Family




My friend,
My companion,
Through good times and bad,
My friend,
My buddy,
Through happy and sad,

Beside me you stand,
Beside me you walk,
You're there to listen,
You're there to talk,
With happiness,
With smiles,
With pain and tears,
I know you'll be there, throughout the years!


The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

God gave me.....god gave us a wonderful gift on September 6, 1968, Sharnell. For the first time in my life I experienced the love that a mother has for their child, holding you, I unfolded the blanket to count your fingers and toes that precious dimple on your right side, then you gave me a radiant smile that you would share with the world from that day forward. Oh how I waited for more smiles, little did I know how much joy that little smile would bring to so many. Of course to me you were perfect.

We were both hooked on Sesame Street, you were my shadow, wherever I went there you were. I enjoyed watching you grow up. You were much like a mommy at such a young age, when baby Chad came around you seem to never stop hugging and kissing him, you always had him in a headlock so you could kiss him. I guess you thought he was your dolly. That's what Rachel does to Sarah.

You never wanted to stay at anyone's house, that's just like Kaila!  While living in Hilo, you loved playing in the rain and mud puddles with all your cousins. You loved going to the beach, especially Onekaha Beach with family and friends. When Chris and Christal came along you were happy to be a big sister again. You enjoyed taking drives around the island with your brothers, sisters, Dad Gene and I, our fun days at the beach, picnics, swimming and just relaxing in the sun having fun. Talking story reading your favorite books, and church on Sundays with your family was awesome treasures.

Prom days came along so fast, you were so beautiful, not as beautiful as the day you married Clifton. Oh how hard it was too see my baby now a grown woman, leave the nest. Your life with Clifton brought me three beautiful precious granddaughters, Kaila, Rachel and Sarah. I will love and treasure those girls and remind them always how much you loved them. And of course what a great and wonderful unique mom they have.

Sharnell you have that special glow about you that touched many hearts, a unique giving spirit that extended to everyone you came in contact with. My angel, you have left a heart felt imprint on so many lives, so many have been fortunate enough to witness your love, generosity and genuine concern not only for your family but friends. You were a stranger to no one no matter what was going on in your life, you were there when needed.

Sharnell, I know you'll be watching over the girls with Papa, Grandma Enos, Grandma Moura and family what wonderful guardian angels they will have.

My heart is beyond broken, it is shattered for I did not prepare my self for this, before Sharnell passed away, we talked about many thing but most importantly was the legacy she would leave behind, Her children, but also I feel much pride for the work Sharnell did in bringing more awareness to the importance of bone marrow donor ship, getting the public to sign up to help others, advising women how saving your cord blood, could save someone's life.

Sharnell made her footprint on this earth and in all our hearts. When asked what her most treasured possession was, she smilingly replied “My Family”.

I love you my unique angel; you are forever in our hearts.  I'll love you forever, and forever is a long, long time.  You are precious beyond. I am glad the Lord has blessed me with a special & wonderful daughter like you. I LOVE & MISS YOU SO MUCH .

With all our love that comes from deep within our hearts.
Mom and all of your family (missing you)


That Little Penny In The Parking Lot

Remember this every time you pass that little PENNY in the parking lot...

I always thought that it was for good luck, but I love this version. I found a
PENNY today laying on the ground. But it's not just a PENNY, this little coin
I've found. Found PENNIES come from heaven, that's what my grandpa told me. He
said ANGELS toss them down. Oh, how I loved that story.

He said when an ANGEL misses you, they toss a PENNY down;sometimes just to
cheer you up, to make a smile out of your frown. So, don't pass by that penny
when you're feeling blue. It may be a PENNY from HEAVEN that an ANGEL'S tossed
to you.

So all those PENNIES that you will be picking up will be Sharnell and your loved
one's just sending you special message's of THE GREATEST LOVE EVER...

We Love & miss you very much SHARNELL...



Dear Shar,

I can't tell you how many times I think of you each week. I look at your face in the break room with it's big beautiful smile and just remember what an honor it was to work with you and how much I miss you. When I work in your room I can hear you say awesome. When I get weak I ask for your strength and remember how selfless you were when my brother had died and you listened to my sadness when you had your own............

Thank you for being a part of my life. YOU ALWAYS WILL BE

Love you Shar, Tamara



We thoroughly love you and miss you very much. You were a beautiful person inside and outside and always made us feel welcome at family gatherings. You were a very sociable person and always made sure everyone was comfortable. We were happy to see you at Crystals wedding in September then  we returned to the mainland to finish my cancer treatment. We never knew it was the last time we would see you. We did return from the mainland to Hawaii again and only to attend your funeral. You made such an impact both on the mainland and in Hawaii and left a beautiful legacy in your three daughters. They will indeed make you proud as they mature in stature. May God bless you and give you peace now and forever. 

 Love from Rick and Rosie, your cousins


Hi Sis'

I Love and miss you so very much.  It Breaks my HEART not having you here and hearing your voice every single day.  Our conversations were wonderful, and you always had great advice to offer.  My sister you were awesome beyond. I pray I still had you here for many special reasons.  Remember Always And Forever I Love You.

Your Loving Brother Chris


Sharnell touched the lives of everyone she encountered. She was a free spirit and lived everyday for what it's worth. She blessed the lives of her friends and family, and she will be missed now and forever.  We will all cherish our memories with her and have FAITH that one day we will be with our angel again. We love you...

Sharnell, you are my best friend, my sister, and now my angel. I guess you told God he could take a break in watching over me, and now I know my guardian angel is the most beautiful angel in heaven. I guess God wanted his missing angel back, and I know you're in a much a better place now. My world will never be the same. You are in every memory I have, and that's where I will keep you. I know you spoke to me in my dreams... you said you were doing just fine, and for me to dry my eyes. I'm so sorry I'm letting you down, because the tears don't seem to stop falling. I love you. I miss you. Until we meet again.

You're Little Sister Christal..

"If I Could"
Written for Sharnell Onaga

If I could find a way to live the good old days,
barbies, stories, and all those family dinners...
If I could find a way to have you here with me
I would be all you want me to be...

If I could make a time machine
travel back to the beginning
start our lives all over again
only changing a few things...
in your last days.

If I were an artist I would paint
the most beautiful portrait the world has ever seen
you in angels wings...
If I were a scientist I'd find someway
to recreate you, and you'd be the same
If I were rich,
I'd do thousands of things,
but I wouldn't waste a dime on diamond rings...
I'd spend my fortune on you to keep you here.
Always safe and in the clear...
If I were a super hero, or just plain...
I'd pray for no emotion, no pain.

If I could, I'd be with you.
If I could I would have saved you.
If I could hold you again,
I'd sing you a song
a song about you...
the angel God had created just for us,
that had to leave,
to watch over us.

If I could I would write
over and over again
until I couldn't type...
you are now my greatest pain.
My greatest sorrow.
My greatest memory.
My greatest love.
My greatest inspiration.
and forever
my greatest Sister.

If I could...
I would have you with me.
Love you always Christal...

Written By Christal


We all miss you and think of you everyday and knowing you are looking down at your three beautiful daughters.  Your Mom is taking such great care of them with so much love (little Sarah who needs a Mother's touch day in and day out). Your Mom, Marilyn is giving her that special love, touch and is teaching her so much.  Rachel sees the rainbow and says, her Mom is the rainbow and is watching over her.  Kaila is growing into a beautiful young lady.  Until we meet again. We love you.

Aunt Janie


God Knows

You have my deepest sympathy,
but it really doesn't help.
Your grief goes beyond
what words can express.

There's nothing anyone can say,
and nothing we can do
to heal your broken heart
or take away your pain.

Let God take you in his arms
and cover you with his love.
He knows the depth of your grief
and only He can give you peace.
He knows it will take time
for your heart to heal, and
your loved one has a place
that no one else can fill.

If there's any comfort let it be in this'
your loved one is with Jesus'
in a home that's filled with bliss.
There are no tears in Heaven'
no more heartache and no pain,
only love and happiness
for all eternity.

We must go on living and
do the best we can,
then when Jesus calls our name
we will be with them again.

Annette Ines

Although its difficult today to see
beyond the sorrow, may looking
back in memory help comfort you

If tears could build a stairway,
and memories a lane, I'd walk
right up to heaven and bring
you home again.

Annette Ines



Courageous, vivacious, loving, passionate, ever faithful, the "glue" that held the family together!  These adjectives do not even scratch the surface of who you were or how much you mean to us for you were all that and so much more!  Life has not been the same since you left us.  There is a void in our lives that no one can fill.  We think of you and miss you every single day.  God broke our hearts when he showed us that he takes only the very best!  But love is eternal and we take comfort in our belief that we will someday be united again for all eternity.  Until then, we will go on and carry on the lesson you have taught us, - to love God and one another with all our  heart, soul and mind.

Loving you always,
Mom and Dad Milare



We think of you everyday!! You are in my thoughts and prays always.  I know you are watching all us and keeping us safe.  We miss you so much.  Your sweet mom has been taking such good care of your daughters.  God could not have given you a better gift, your mom.  I miss your e-mails, and your positiveness.  We love you dearly and until we meet again.

Love you,
Chermaine, Brett, Brianna and Ava


I can still see your bright smile and hear your cheerful laughter just like I spoke to you yesterday.  I miss you dearly and think about you everyday.  Lots & lots & lots & lots of love....



A day has not gone by that we don't think of you, the island will never be the same for many of us who visit from time to time. We feel the emptiness of your presence.  Your mother's heart is shattered, yet she continues to be strong for the entire family.

Every time I speak to your mom she is heartbroken, but I pray she will grow stronger & stronger everyday.  I know you will watch over her and somehow give her the strength she needs.

We love you Sharnell,




I am very Blessed that I can be with the children each day and see them grow up; it is hard with out you... but I thank God that he lives in them.

Spoke with the family (Cheri) that what Kaila & Clifton has put together with what they are going through and be so focus and won the STATE SCIENCE FAIR overall in her group is like you would say AWESOME!!!  She is doing so well, in school, biking, great voice (your quote Gods gift to continue) and growing up to look like you.

Rachel - each morning would say going to Calvary Pre-School would look to the sky and say look Grandma the Sun is just coming out from the Sky where my Mommy is and the Moon is on the other side, are they able to say Good Morning? so precious!!!

The first week after you went home to our Heavenly Father, there were so many people that wanted to comfort her as to were her Mommy is, all address that she was in Heaven, well this was okay, but not so because it was difficult to understand at her age but being that God lives in her, she could figure it out and said Grandma! my Mommy lives in my heart and it goes BOOM, BOOM and I answer that's right and you can talk to her anytime, just put your little hands on your heart and say Mommy I love, and share all the things that your little heart has and she gave a big great Smile that looks just like yours.

Sarah....each day that she is growing, God has given her the extension of your Beauty that lights up the room where ever she goes and she does move and always busy with your Beautiful Smile that you can't help but just want to Hug her and at the same time it just seems like Hugging you tooooo... I do thank God every day that I share the time with her and the children, how Blessed I am to being with them...

Well as you noted to me your concern for Clifton- he's doing fine and doing his very best in taking care of the children and watching carefully as to what they eat, drink, sleep etc., trying to do the things that you would have done.  Not an easy TASK, but he's doing it and I know that your saying Good Job as a single parent (Daddy) it's going to be fine cause God is in Control in there lives.

I listen to your Song going home from work and always enjoy it because I get to hear your sweet voice and this also makes Sarah and Rachel calm and with the ride puts them to sleep so even though you're not her I get to share your voice to them as often as I can.

Like you said on your last days that you will see me soon, real soon... well you're right I will see your soon.

Love Always,
Mom Onaga , Clifton, Kaila, Rachel and our Miracle Baby Sarah 


My Dearest and Much Loved Niece Sharnell,

How do I thank you or remember you?  Let me count the ways.

I thank God for having you in my life; for all your unselfish hospitality; for being there for my family and me.

For loving us unconditionally and for a million other things including just being so special and the greatest niece an Aunty could pray for.  That means a lot to me... even cut roses die, but the joy they bring lasts forever in our memory, like the joy you brought to my family and me.  Nothing you did was ever wasted.

Thank you for being a beautiful part of out lives. The joy you brought my family and me will help us give back to others.  We will never take for granted the people who mean the most to us. You truly mean a lot to us.  You’re so loved by my family and me fore you’re beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.  We love and miss you so very much, our precious angel.  God bless you and be with you my dearest Sharnell.

We love you forever, your second “Mom”,

Aunty Rose & Family

P.S. What a great and fun time we had picking up Puka shells to make necklaces on the Island of Maui during the summertime at the whalers villages.  Your's turned out the nicest especially with that little piece of pink coral that was added in the middle.
You always made things special.


"You've Touched Me, I Have Grown"

On the anniversary of Sharnell’s passing, we are reminded of a greeting card with a picture of a rose that simply states…”You’ve touched me, I have grown.”   For Lisa and me, we can truly say that after meeting Sharnell and her beautiful extended family, we have been touched, and we have grown.   Her ministry was in touching others, and her touch was a blessing and an inspiration to love, share and care for one another.  Clif, Kaila, Rachel, Sarah, Marilyn, Jane, all…thank you for including us and sharing this extraordinary selfless and virtuous woman that is so beautifully described in Proverbs 31:10-31.  We are grateful to Jimmy and Donna Kunihiro for introducing us, so that we could be touched and continuously blessed by her family and the loving memories in celebration of her life.  Mahalo….

With our Love,

Gil & Lisa Tam


"Bring The Rain"
by Mercyme

I can count a million times
People asking me how I
Can praise You with all that I've gone through
The question just amazes me
Can circumstances possibly
Change who I forever am in You
Maybe since my life was changed
Long before these rainy days
It's never really ever crossed my mind
To turn my back on you, oh Lord
My only shelter from the storm
But instead I draw closer through these times
So I pray

Bring me joy, bring me peace
Bring the chance to be free
Bring me anything that brings You glory
And I know there'll be days
When this life brings me pain
But if that's what it takes to praise You
Jesus, bring the rain

I am Yours regardless of
The dark clouds that may loom above
Because You are much greater than my pain
You who made a way for me
By suffering Your destiny
So tell me what's a little rain
So I pray

Holy, holy, holy
Is the Lord God Almighty

My memories of Sharnell I forever will have in my heart. One in particular late one night in the hospital was her making sure I would be ok no matter what happened. Please don't be mad with God. I found that really hard to hear her say after all that she was going through she was worried that I would be upset she was so selfless always worried about everyone else. After I lost my best friend I was upset how could something like this happen to someone you love so much & had so much to live for. Some how she helped me realize through this song it's exactly how she felt. The constant in her life was her Faith & love for God. It kept her strong.Sharnell was such an amazing person she kept me strong. I really miss hearing her voice & seeing that amazing smile that would make a bad day go away. I feel blessed to have such a beautiful person as my guardian angel. When I want to see her I close my eyes she's all around us. love you Nell




   I can still hear your voice reminding us to:

"Don't forget to tell the person you love um, since you never know what tomorrow will bring" 

   It has been one year, since God has taken back one of his most precious angles.  Within a short period of time you were able to touch our lives and teach us how to truly live an "awesome" life.  You not only gave life to our little Sarah, but at least 3 other people who I am aware of who were in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant.   In 10 months your Ohana was able to increase awareness of how important it is to donate to our local "Bone Marrow, Blood, and Cord Blood Drives".  The strength of your family would make you proud as I remember the day when you realized that "it's not for me, but maybe someone else" could benefit from all the efforts in finding a bone marrow match.  Little Sarah, now 1 years old unaware of the sacrifices her mommy along with the support of her Daddy and family made so that she could be here with us today.  Rachel, now 3 years old took a plane ride to see if she could find you in the clouds up above.  Her eyes lit up in such amazement to see all those different shapes of clouds.  She remembers everything that you had taught her and how we are reminded daily of your words of wisdom being passed on to her. Kaila and Kiana along with her Daddy's help won first place in this years State science competition.  I can remember when you said; "I have the easy job", when comparing it to your family.  Your resilience in your life's challenges has been preserved in your family and having faith that "things will be okay" because I believe you are right.



I really miss talking to you about the kids. I will always remember when I came back to Hawaii and you wanted to go swimming at Sandys at midnight, and I told you your nuts. That were the days that we were wild and crazy, I miss those days. Well everybody’s doing fine here in the Land of Enchantment. Here’s hoping the angles are watching over you and your girls.

Lot’s of Love and Aloha Always Your Cuz Robert


Sharnell was never star struck by an actor or actress, Sharnell was star struck by God and her family.  We will be thankful for Sharnell teaching us how to feel comfortable telling someone "I love you."

From our heart to the Onaga & Moura Families,
Janelle, Robert, Zach and Eli Fendler


Our sister

Sharnell was always my best friend.  Even though I wasn't able to be there all the time, we shared our times and thoughts though phone calls, letters and e-mails.  While growing up when I was able to visit, we would always spend time at the beach, or by Mom and Dad's pool.  She was always my closest friend and confidant … Keeping a lifeline to my family in Hawai'i.

Once I married, she continued to support me and confide in me as our lives changed and we became wives and mothers.  Anytime our family came to visit, she was always there to greet us and take us into her arms and make us feel at home.  One time during one of many visits, she took a few days off to spend with us.  We swam and played in the Ihilani pool together.  It felt just like old times hanging out with my sister.  It was almost like we were 15 again, sitting by Mom and Dad's pool. We just sat and talked about our lives, the kids and what we would do tomorrow.

She touched my life in so many ways… And continues to, every day.  Quinn and Haley still ask about her.  Darren and I miss her presence and quiet strength.  I love her dearly and would give almost anything to have her back.

We all miss you very much.

Love always ……Corri, Darren, Quinn Haley and Colin



I still remember the day I met you.  My first visit to Hawaii was about 13 years ago.  I flew in from Texas to attend my nephew’s (Ronnie) high school graduation.  I was sitting on the bleachers of Kaiser High School with my sister Irene and this gorgeous girl walks up and hugs her.  I thought to myself who is this beautiful girl.  From the very moment I met you, you made me feel special and you and your entire family made me and my family feel like I was part of their family.  Every time I was fortunate enough to visit Hawaii you always made the effort to come visit me at my sister’s house.  I won’t forget that fun time we had at Irene’s house and we were all being silly (thanks to the margaritas of course!) I have the picture to prove it!.  One time, in conversation you said that I was beautiful (I won’t ever forget that either).  I will never ever forget you and YES that amazing smile of yours.  I will always be grateful to my sister Irene.  Because of her I got to meet a real Angel!

Love always,

Lisa Padilla


I still have your phone number on my speed dial
I still have the things that you gave me
I still have your picture on my book shelf
I still have your voice and your face in my mind

I still hear us laughing and talking
I still talk to you out loud
I still have a good cry when I think about you and get sad
When I went to your grave today, on the one year anniversary of your passing,
I still felt your presence
Until we see each other again my friend…

I  Love You

Halina Leong


Remember This...

I'll always love you. Remember... as you read these words, that I'll hold you in a very precious place in my
heart ~ not just today, but as long as there are stars in the sky.

Remember that ~ if I could ~ I would give you the moon and the sun in return for all the smiles and memories you've given me.

And remember that when I say "I Love You", I want you to know what those words really mean. "I Love You" means that you're the most wonderful niece there could ever be. It means that you have made me more proud of you than you could even begin to imagine. It means that I will never let a day go by without feeling BLESSED by the giving... of a gift like YOU ~ Sharnell.

Sharnell, I can still hear you say "I love you, Aunty". You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday........not a moment goes by without thoughts of you... You will always be my favorite niece... We all love and miss you very much. You are awesome!

Until we are together again... Love Aunty Lorraine



You are the most courageous person I ever knew; not once did I see you cry. You always greeted everyone with that beautiful big smile of yours, and you always had hope like everyone of us. You would always said the Lord is awesome. We think of you and miss you, you are in my thoughts and in my prayers daily. When I hugged you and kissed you for the very last time, I told you I Loved You and you told me, I Love You Auntie, and I know you had a hard time breathing. (BRAVE GIRL) I can still hear you now in my mind word for word. We all stayed with you in the hospital till the end, I wouldn't have done it differently. I think of you and I see my Sherri, you both were inseparable as kids. Your kids are great, Kaila, Rachel and Sarah, I think your Mom, Clifton and Jane are doing a terrific job, they are loved by so many people. I know you're watching over them, you are their Guardian Angel.

We all miss you Sharnell, memories of you will live forever in everyone of our hearts. Like Darrell's song says "You Are Amazing, So Amazing, yes you are, until we meet again please know that I will always Love You.

With All My Love,
Auntie Lori


Dear Sharnell,

So many memories, so many good times growing up in Hawaii. I miss the carefree days we had playing in the sun, catching little baby frogs and putting them in match boxes... getting dirty in our beautiful clothes because we had to wait for our mommy's and all we wanted was to play.  We have the pictures to show for it. We were like sister's inseparable... we dressed alike... we wanted the same things... we shared secrets... we liked the same boys... we both wanted to marry Elvis.  When we became teenagers and I came to live with you in Honolulu we had even more fun.  I will never forget the day you and Willy S. persuaded me to meet Sergio, my future husband and the father of my two angels. I will be forever grateful that you introduced me to him even if you said he was buff.

Sharnell, thank you for being my playmate, my sister, my friend. I know you are busy in heaven but when you come across Sergio please tell him I LOVE him and our grandma Rose.

"I came forth from the father and have come into the world. Again, I leave the world and go to the father". John 16:28

All My Love XOXOXO Sherriann


To My Dearest Cousin,

You've touched all our hearts in so many ways. You are deeply loved and missed for that INCREDIBLE person you are, and you will always be remembered. You are TRULY an AMAZING GIFT from GOD!

Sharnell's Amazing

Do you know someone who is so sweet, someone who cares shows her love to her family even when she's in pain. She will never complain. She's so amazing.

Yet she thanks the lord each and every day for the life that she had with her family. You know she's smiling away, she's in heaven today, she's so amazing.

Did you know Sharnell sacrificed her life so little baby Sarah would survive. Was just the type of woman Sharnell was. Clifton, Kaila, Rachel, Sarah please don't cry. Dry your eyes. It'll be alright. We know that she's in heaven and she's by your side. Cause she is, yes she is, soo amazing.

Phone call from Sharnell to mother


As she flies all around us with her angel wings. She's in the clouds, she's on the ground, and she's everywhere. You know she's smiling away she's in heaven today. She's so amazing. 

So now you know someone who is so sweet. Sharnell Onaga we love you, may you rest in peace. I know you're smiling today. You're with the lord today. She's so amazing.

Did you know Sharnell sacrificed her life so little baby Sarah would survive. Was just the type of woman Sharnell was. Clifton, Kaila, Rachel, Sarah please don't cry. Dry your eyes. It'll be alright. We know that she's in heaven and she's by your side. Cause she is, yes she is, ooh she is, yes she is, ooh she is sooo AMAZING!!

Written and Sung by: Darrell W. Rapozo

With All Our Love,
Rose, Darrell, Tyra, Kiara, Jazlyn & Kian "Rapozo"



I never had the opportunity to meet Sharnell, but when Rosie sent me her picture, the very FIRST thing I saw clearly in her eyes was Jesus. The PURE love of Jesus.  So, do not cry for her.  Please do not cry.  Sharnell would not want that.   Sharnell IS in the arm's of God.

May the Lord bless Sharnell's family & friends forever.




You were a beautiful person, both physically and spiritually. You were always there for anyone who needed help. We miss your beautiful smile and sparkling personality. You are very fortunate to have a wonderful Mother who cares for your three girls and loves them as only she can. Rest in peace, Sharnell.




     When I first met Sharnell she was 14 years old, and I was 21.  I was dating her cousin at the time, and we became very close.  She was the little sister I never had.  Meeting Sharnell and her family was a Godsend for me; my life at the time was very unstable.  I had recently found the courage to tell my mom that my stepfather had molested me when I was seven and again when I was 13.  We had confronted him together, and he had denied it.  Soon my mom made plans to leave him.  We found an apartment and moved things that he would not notice.  Then on a Friday morning when he left for work, we moved half of the furniture to the apartment.  It was With Sharnell’s help that we were able to do this.  You see my mom was so afraid at how my stepdad would react that she left soon after him that morning to go to Georgia for a visit.  So it was Sharnell [who had borrowed her mom’s station wagon with her new driver’s license], myself and two other friends that accomplished the move long before my stepdad returned from work that evening.  For a young girl of 15, Sharnell was so helpful and willing to help.  After that day, we grew closer and closer.  My mom came back from her trip and eventually went back to my stepdad, and my life became a roller coaster.  Sharnell and her family were always there for me and made me part of their family.  They were a safe harbor for me when I felt lost and alone.

     Over the years Sharnell and I remained close, there would be times when we didn’t talk that often, but no matter the time lapse when we did speak it was like it was yesterday that we had last spoken.  Sharnell always had a smile and kind words for everyone.  She had such a kind, and generous loving heart.  She was always there for anyone who needed help.  Her laughter would bring life to all who heard her and her smile could light the darkest of rooms.  She was a wonderful daughter, friend, wife, and mother.  All who were touched by her are richer for having known her, and we will all miss her.  She never lost her faith nor did she complain, she remained positive until the end.  She is the bravest person I know and I am blessed to have had her in my life.  My life is richer for having her as my “little sister”.

Shelly Herbes


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